May 2023 PIE Winner: Clayton Alabama

The old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” rang true this year at Clayton Alabama, the Clayton Home Building Group May 2023 Process Improvement Event award winner.

Identifying a Problem

Team member Karlee Evans attaches fascia to homes built at home building facility Clayton Alabama. Fascia is the board that sits just below the roof line of a home to help keep the roof watertight, provide support for gutters and improve curb appeal.

While Evans had no trouble nailing the fascia to the home, she needed the assistance of other team members to lift and hold each lengthy board in place so that she could secure it. Her need to ask others for assistance and for them step away from their own tasks proved time consuming.

no-turning- back-tshirt

Developing a Solution

Evans sought to drive change by asking the advice of Clayton Alabama Process Improvement Coordinator (PIC) Bryan Jackson, who invented a tool to help. He made a series of wooden fascia brace prototypes for Evans to try. The third time was the charm; that prototype had the proper length to serve as Evans’ “helping hands” to safely hold the fascia in place herself without being too cumbersome to use.

Now Evans can attach fascia on her own in 50% less time than it took prior to having the fascia brace. She reports, “Not only does the work look good, it does not take time out of someone’s job to help me. And it’s less physical than trying to hold the material by myself.”


Sharing the Results

Jackson’s goal is to make the fascia brace out of aluminum for durability. Demonstrating Clayton’s value to do good, he plans to offer the tool to other facilities so that even more team members can benefit from it.

Congratulations, Clayton Alabama, on your PIE award!

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